Murkwood Hallow


Starting point

  • Murkwood Football game – the monk went out to discuss at halftime, mild altercation with Imogene, talked with security, came back to sitting.
  • Jimmy was murdered. Mob style. Black sedan was seen leaving the scene.
  • Bar. Odd Asian dude served “special” drinks to all PC’s but left quickly after doing so.
  • Visited the Morgue. Indicated as family, paid for services, agreed to pick up ashes when ready (~3 days).
  • Group went home. All but Clarissa went to bed.
  • Clarissa went and stole/bought medical equipment. Paid for plus some and left a “cute sorry note a sixteen year old would leave.” (Secretary is adding here because we did macro and it may be important in the future.)
  • Clarissa went to visit the Secret Market. A battle occurred before she arrived. One side used guns, the other some weapon which left scorch marks only. No bodies.
  • Clarissa visited the Murkwood Hospital and found the only heart donor listed and performed a transplant. She had an audience. Security and duty Nurse. Clarissa gave Card w/ pager number to security officer who confronted her.
  • Imogene had a nightmare that she informed Clarissa of.

Next day group went on Murkwood Tour.

  • Inner Murkwood has a strange formation with crystals.
  • Murkwood had VERY odd geography. Should have been a volcano bed?
  • Inner Murkwood is on a lay-line nexus.
  • 11 “Vampire” potentials.
  • 1 “Vampire” threatened/invited Clarissa to a club.
  • 1 “Vampire” warned Clarissa against the first “Vampire”.
  • Fei Xiang’s antagonist, a Japanese woman, inscribed a pentagram / devil’s symbol on the Murkwood formations then ran. Fei Xiang removed it, despite hot pain in doing so.

Next on the tour is the ship.



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