Murkwood Hallow


Gaming Date: Sunday May 6th 1985.
Sleepless Night Event is Wed May 16th 1985, festivities start 9th.

Tour of the Ship. Antagonist vampire and a few others do not go on the ship tour.
None of the remaining “vampires” are cold to the touch.
Clarissa noted there may be electrical wire attached to the front 2/3 of the Ship.
Imogene bought three t-shirts at gift shop, “I survived the Sleepless Night.”
Shape of pillars resembles a crop circle. Fei found a symbols on top of two pillars that resemble occult symbols, but did not find more newly inscribed symbols nor symbols he perceived as evil.
Two symbols on furthest pillars link up with central reflection wall, with symbol of earth on it, to form a triangle.
Visited the “dungeon” to buy clothes. Shop clerk (Aliea) is 2nd Vampire from the tour. Went into secret area where had “special” leather outfits.
New buzz word: Actively Deceased"
Fei went to buy sewing materials. Clarissa: went shopping for clothes, Electronic parts, Medical Equip and lab coats
Clarissa made an RF detector and found three different bugs in our apartment.
Imogene went shopping at Medical Supply store. Got the equipment from “Igor” for “Master” for free!
Clarissa watched some wrestling on TV, it is not fake and it is very violent.
At 5:30, went to the Hallow to see what the light would do at 6:00. Fei fell over from touching crystals during the 6:00 pm light burst.
Went back to hotel. Gus, the alternate hotel driver, took Fei up to room, left him to get Key. We let Fei in. Imogene played a joke on Gus. Learned balcony is under surveillance.]
Walked to dinner at Club 51, left Fei to sleep on balcony. Mysterious Asian bartender from previous bar was also present, as well as chefwho could supposedly give you the exact meal you wanted, just as Asian bartender could do with drinks. The chef was much less successful than the bartender.
Under dinner roll is a note “your friends got it wrong… grey skin propaganda.. meet tonight, 3rd bridge, west bank troll… 12 midnight”
Picked up a “do it yourself” Devil Rubber Ducky for Ernie on the way home at a Walgreens.
Fei had a vision of time from dinosaurs to now, every day in between, but from a single perspective. Greys want to help humans and stop others from controlling them, all other factions want to control humans. Visions also showed every faction but Greys fragmented and fighting with not only other factions but also own species; Greys are only group unified amongst own kind.
Taxi ride to 3rd bridge, West. The Troll is animatronics! Game Time = 11:53 pm.

Contacts Factions Acronym
Aliea The Not As Evil Vampire Faction TNAEVF
Devin The Evil Vampire Faction TEVF
The Others TO’s
Men In Black MIB
Grey Skins GS’s



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