Murkwood Hallow


Gaming Start Date: Sunday May 6th 1985 at 11:53 PM
Gaming End Date: Monday May 7th 1985 at 5:00 PM
Sleepless Night Event is Wed May 16th 1985, festivities start on the 9th.

A white luxury sedan pulls up, a chauffeur opens one of the doors, and a lady in an evening gown gets out.
Met Anya, an immortal, who claimed that this was “her city.” She seemed very dodgy." She also “thinks bunnies taste good.”
Fei asked a question after Anya made a comment in an unknown language: “What are the rules?” Anya’s original comment, as relayed to the group, was “they are just not getting it, I would need 4 more centuries to get them to understand it but I can’t break the rules”.
After Anya left, Imogene wandered off separately.

Clarissa and Fei went fishing in the river, which was oddly saltwater rather than freshwater. Fei wandered into the river to catch fish shaolin-style, Fei caught 2, Clarissa caught 2 fish as well but released them. Fei encountered a 20-foot great white shark, he touched it as it passed near. While touching the shark, Fei had a vision of the shark’s life, including a submerged metal structure with lights; could not be determined if the structure was a vessel or an installation.
Clarissa and Fei took a cab back to the hotel. Upon returning, Fei gave his remaining fish to Bert with instructions for it to be given to Ernie.

Imogene shredded the hotel gym doing aggressive combat training, gave the desk clerk $3,000 to cover damages.
Waiting in the hotel room were flowers from Devin, leader of the “evil vampire faction”. Clarissa threw the flowers, vase and all, off the balcony. Three of the “flowers” fell much faster than the others.
About 3 am, Fei went to bed. Imogene devoured the four Rib-eye steaks delivered by Barb, the off-hours maid. Imogene tipped well. Clarissa hooked up speakers and played some Marilyn Manson while working on some electronics and her retro-virus. Imogene went to bed after eating. Clarissa slept in this time.

At 7am, Barb from housekeeping came by to deliver clean towels (was perceived odd, given the hour and that she knew the group was only getting back four hours earlier). Clarissa scanned for RF and physical bugs.
Clarissa orders breakfast and a newspaper. 7:20. Change for repairs from the original $3,000 was $106, -20 for tip
Fei wakes up at 11 am and proceeds to do physical training. Imogene wakes up at noon.
Imogene’s brow-ridges have grown and teeth have sharpened. She also exhibits increased aggressive tendencies, even to party members. She speaks in Klingon more and more, and refers to people as Humans while not including herself in that categorization. Through difficult conversation, she admits that she was human but is no longer such.

Fei bought 2 exotic hardwood staffs (actual type of wood is unspecified, but was the hardest available and was many steps beyond ironwood).
Visited the one commercial property management company in Murkwood, as provided by the hotel desk. Met with realtor from the property management company to look at a property near the hotel. Fei and Imogene took a taxi to the secret subterranean Others market (hereafter referred to as the catacombs) while Clarissa was investigating the rental property. Clarissa went to the catacombs after finishing her business at the prospective rental property and arrived not long after the others. There is a space for rent in the building above, nestled between a record shop and a doughnut shop.

While investigating in the catacombs, the group was attacked by three unidentified Werewolves. Werewolves were slain and Imogene was wounded, currently suffering from cracked ribs (Imogene spent 1 LP in combat, HP currently at -2). Werewolves apparently revert back to human form upon death.
Rule Change for Scott: Crushing Attacks do wounding multiplier x2 to vitals.
Devin showed up after fight, was as dodgy in conversation as Anya, then went poof at the arrival of a second mysterious stranger. A humanoid, 6"2’, with nice hair and wearing a trench coat. His name is Kastir and he is apparently an immortal.
Kastir confirms that Devin is a Vampire and informs us that ~75% of Murkwood are clueless innocents and gives a bit more detail on the other 25% that make up the various factions.
Kastir also confirms other facts, like that the catacomb space is unowned and that the market was attacked because they helped Others too much.
Kastir exposes a secret tunnel behind the power box in our new “lair.” The tunnel has several exits, but the final destination is the public market. Followed the tunnel to an exit for a discreet surgeon (disguised as a barbershop) that also happened to be the nearest exit to the hotel. Went into the barbershop, which had the surgeon setup in the back. Clarissa had to do plaster on Imogene’s cracked ribs. While waiting, a barbershop customer (Durell, an atypical boy from the hood) came in and Fei cut his hair to the style requested (rolled a three) and then gave him a Tattoo (a critical, 2 LP) on his right shoulder depicting a dragon around a stretch limo with a sunset behind. Fei also discreetly signed the tattoo in Chinese.
Walked the block to the hotel room. Imogene was put to bed to rest. Clarissa took Kastir to her bedroom. Fei comes back after finishing the tattoo ~15 minutes later, 5:00 pm.



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