Murkwood Hallow



Gaming Start Date: Monday May 7th 1985 at 5:00 PM
Gaming End Date: Tuesday May 8th 1985 at 11:15 am.
Sleepless Night Event is Wed May 16th 1985, festivities start 9th.

*Note: No gaming 10/8/2011 — Schedule may be found on the Wiki:

About 7:45pm. Imogene has taken on many more Klingon characteristics. Clarissa took a blood sample, Imogene awoke and was oddly alert during the process despite heavy sedation. Cracked ribs appear to be healed.
When notified of the bug in her room, Imogene smashed the plant with one bug against the wall.
Fei asks Clarissa about reason for altering duck to promote incarnation of evil, Clarissa indicates she did not think of it that way. Fei begins altering the duck while Clarissa examines Imogene’s wounds. Duck is no longer a devil duck, but a shaolin duck.
Kastir spends time with Fei attempting to learn shaolin meditation techniques, but gets too distracted by Imogene removing her top for Clarissa to examine her injuries. Kastir afterwards informs the party that he is a blacksmith / metalworker, and takes Fei’s two battlestaves to finish the metalwork on them as well as Imogene’s reproduction bat’leth to recreate a combat-viable one.

9pm, go to lobby; Kastir departs, with a pager from Clarissa. Ernie arrives in the front, where Clarissa gives him the rubber duck, now with shoalin robes.
Went to the Dungeon to get Fei some more shaolin-style robes made, 3. Also ordered Imogene some leather armor, 2, and combat boots. Clarissa orders three sexy steampunk outfits. Imogene insist, with weapon out, that all outfits will be ready by 9am tomorrow, less than 12 hours from when she made the statement. Imogene pays $5,000 up front.
While waiting for the car outside the Dungeon, the party noticed that there were 5 guys walking down the street from the west and 2 from the east. 3 of the 5 from the west were in odd unison, and the 2 from the east distinctly did not notice the party as they passed. A black van is parked a few blocks to the west, behind the 5 men. The black van looks similar to the one Fei and Clarissa saw after the football game, near the crime scene of Jimmy’s murder. It is later determined that the group of 5 were from the MIB faction and the 2 were from Aliea’s TLEV faction.
Imogene draws mek’leths and steps next to the two that came from the east. She growls “Humans”. The two draw silver knives/stakes in each hand from hidden arm sheaths. Imogene called out, “Are you huuu-maan?”
Clarissa hears one of the two whisper, “This is not the time.” Of the five, three close the gap and the other two remain 2 rounds away from where Imogene is standing. Imogene leaps over the lead three.
(For reference purposes, group of 5 was designated Alpha group and group of 2 vampires was designated Bravo group)
A1 punches Imogene as she leaps over, and hits her in the left thigh for five damage, -3 general and -5 L-leg for total damage of -8. A4 targets her Torso with his gun, 20 gauge, and fires. A5 targets her L-Arm. A2 targets B1, A3 targets B2. Fei pole vaults over Bravo group and strikes at A1 as he is passing over. Clarissa seeks cover, from which she can also observe.
IImogene steps behind A4 and A5, turns, drops to one knee, puts her Mek’leths down, and quietly says “sorry”.
Proposed house rule, Skull from behind is -5, not -7, as area to hit the skull from behind matches the area to hit for the face from the front.
Fei kills A5, solidly thumps A4 (big guy), knocking him down and stunning him. B1 kills A2, B2 Kills A3, A1 seriously injures B2’s leg.
B2 rolls on ground, B1 kills A1. Fei does not strike again, but tells A4 to stay down or get hurt further.
B1 Goes to help B2. A4 (big guy) gets up, parries twice, strikes at Fei unsuccessfully, then parries again but misses the last parry which results in Fei caving his skull in with a mighty blow from his staff.
Aliea helps open the heavy shop door. Clarissa photographs each member of the Alpha group while moving to help Imogene.
Imogene punches a wall, breaking her hand, and walks off. Clarissa tries to help Imogene, who ignores her then passes out from injury and shock.
Ernie shows up and questions what happened to Imogene, oblivious to the obvious mess on the sidewalk. Makes a comment that the city is “gentle as a lamb” (which is later parroted back, with implication that the mundanes are influenced to believe such). He puts a conveniently available tarp on the back seat, and the party moves Imogene to the car where Clarissa does first aid. At Ernie’s suggestion, we pull around to the service entrance. Clarissa gives Ernie a $200 tip.
The party makes its way back to the hotel room. Once there, Clarissa heavily sedates Imogene again, and proceeds to operates on the shotgun slug hole in her abdomen.

Done with surgery at 11:45 pm. Put Imogene to bed. Fei goes to bed but discovers a visitor in his bedroom, Jeen the ninja Other (one-woman faction). Jeen questions Fei about picking sides in conflict, explains more about factions (giving new info), and has a disagreement about logic vs. emotion and heart. Fei uses new-found ability to see her entire life, getting a better understanding of the factions and Jeen, more than can be described with words. Jeen has been in Murkwood for 4 years, and has experienced much of the political fighting. Once she leaves, Fei goes to sleep.
Clarissa gets cleaned up and goes down to the hotel lounge. She helps the bartender create an Appletini.
Gus appeared to be wearing body armor, he is most likely a member of a faction, which is yet to be identified.
Clarissa goes to see “Back to The Future” at a late night showing. She buys Gus a ticket to the movie to join her, as well as snacks.
Clarissa went to visit Aliea.
Aliea confirmed that there are 15 factions. Each species has two factions, but she only listed the vampires as separate factions in her faction count. She indicates that the Greys are the only unified faction. She also discusses the peril of trying to start a new faction, and gives Clarissa an address, saying that she will say no more until Clarissa has been to the address.
Clarissa gets back to the apartment at 6am and immediately goes to sleep. Imogene wakes up and does kata’s. Fei gets up at 8am.

At 8:30 am, Fei knocked on Clarissa’s door, waking her up. The group has their respective breakfasts. Ernie has a new car, a white stretch corvette! The group heads to the Dungeon.
At dungeon by 9:00 am to pick up clothing. Imogene is given her change back, $1102. Clarissa changes into one of the new outfits there at the store, Fei has two cups of tea while waiting. Imogene changes into one of her new suits of armor while in the front seat, which prompts Fei to change clothes in the back seat.
Clarissa hands Ernie the address given to her by Aliea.
Address leads to a massive graveyard. None of the graves have names on the headstones, and the graveyard itself has no name. Dungeon to graveyard was an Hour and a half drive. The party arrived at 11:15am



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