Story of Murkwood Hallow

The Story of Murkwood Hallow…

The town of Murkwood Hallow was officially founded in the winter of 1722 by the British Empire. A British ship of the line, the HMS Sovereignty was heavily damaged in storms at sea. The crew searched for safe harbor but an extremely dense fog complicated the search. Eventually the ship ran aground. When daylight came and the fog cleared they realized they had traveled some distance into a river inlet. The ship was in no condition to set sail but possessed enough equipment to establish a settlement for the time being. The ship was captained by James Murkwood. As day broke he ordered 3 shore teams to scout the surrounding area. While the first two crews reported nothing unusual; simply forests and beaches, the third never returned. The Captain ordered an extensive search for the lost crew. What they found instead was an abandon settlement. The buildings were in some disrepair but sophisticated and functional. There were no identifying flags or markings but books left behind in English seemed to indicate the founders were British in origin. There was no sign of the previous inhabitants and it was concluded the settlement was perhaps an old pirate harbor. Captain Murkwood ordered his crew to settle the area and raise the flag of the Empire. The town was named Murkwood Hallow after the captain and he and his crew lived in isolation for 18 months. One morning smoke from the settlement attracted the attention of a passing East India Trading Company vessel. When the ship sent crew to trade with the uncharted settlement they discovered the marooned sailors and their uncharted town. Murkwood Hallow became a booming trade hub. But the original crew was perceived as obsessed with the mystery of the towns’ original builders. Three years to the day after settling the town of Murkwood Hallow the former crew of the HMS Sovereignty died in their sleep. By that time the town had increased in size and population and lived on but the mysterious deaths of the founding fathers all in one night did not go unnoticed.

Today the myths are celebrated lore in the City of Murkwood Hallow. Debate rages on as to whether the founders were or were not pirates. What happened to the original builders? Was the settlement cursed? Is that why the founding fathers all died? Did the founding fathers ever learn the secret of the settlement? A city holiday in the spring marks the day the founders died called the “Sleepless night”. A week long festival marks the occasion culminating in a midnight parade. The parties take on a look like Halloween or Mexico’s Day of the dead. A mix of gypsies and pirates theme the events of the week. The dark mystery of the city also seems to taint the everyday life and appearance of the city and its people.

The original structures that formed Murkwood Hallow still stand today. They have been preserved in the center of town in a historic preserve called “The Hallow”. The Hallow attracted tourists every year and tours are given daily. During the “Sleepless night” festival, the midnight parade ends in the old town square. But the festivities are also marked by one other less popular tradition. On the night of the anniversary of the “Sleepless night” the highest numbers of disappearances happen. It has been a long standing campaign promise of every mayoral candidate to stop the disappearances on that night.
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Story of Murkwood Hallow

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