The Place is Murkwood Hallow…1985

Murkwood Hallow is a city in conflict. Behind the scenes a war brews between the supernatural and the Extra Terrestrial with humanity on the experiment table. Entrance into the Hallow is never planned and leaving is the ultimate goal.

Construct a modern character.
Characters will be built with 400 points. There is a 175 point disad allowance and the usual 5 quirks. Please exclude: Above average wealth, Allies, Patrons and Contacts. Also with equipment and finances lease note on-hand or stored, and if stored, location etc. Please be specific as to cash, check and credit both on hand and in bank. Please detail what you have on your person more to the point as where you start and where you end will differ.

Characters can start with unusual or unexplained events in their backgrounds but no unusual powers or abilities. Consider it a modern day setting for character generation purposes. Please also include 2 different advantages of special rapport (one for each other PC). Names will obviously be inserted later.

Characters can start in any modern US City and I would like to know your established situation and personality. Consider this part like a Psych profile. Everything from favorite colors and songs to sex and relationship status and preference. Imagine you’re being studied and tell me what the observers understand. It will be noted in detail what you are wearing also on the day or night of your “departure”. The cat has been let a little out of the bag as word has gotten round that when we start you’ll all be waking up in a field somewhere. In the distance will be the sights and sounds of a city that may hold the answers to your situation. You will sense before you see two others who appear to have the same problem as you do. With all that said, the following information about your new town will be likely acquired through game play but I am providing it now for your understanding.
The Place is Murkwood Hallow…

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Murkwood Hallow

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